When practicing traditional Karate, it is important to understand the roots of the style you are practicing. At ToriKai Martial Arts Association we practice Shukokai Karate, which is a style based upon Tani-ha Shitoryu Karate. Tani-hai Shitoryu Karate is itself derivative of Shitoryu Karate.

The way which we practice martial arts is, naturally, exceptionally important to us. We believe it important to honour the traditions and teachings of the Shihan and Sensei before us, whilst adapting to ensure our practices remain up to date and effective in an ever changing world.

Shukokai Karate is renowned specifically for its practice and perfection of the “double hip technique” used when firing certain punches, particularly those which are executed using the rear hand, such as the gyaka-zuki or reverse punch. This technique allows for the maximisation of momentum.