From what age can children train?

Generally we accept children from five years old, if they are ready for the required structure for a safe Karate lesson.

I have injuries or medical conditions, can I still train?

Of course! As long as your physician is happy for you to train with us, we do not have a problem. Martial arts is for people of all abilities, and we are more than happy to help adapt your practice to suit your physical and mental requirements.

I am really unfit, can I still train?

Absolutely! Karate will help you to get fit in a fun way that works with you to achieve more for yourself, in a supportive environment. Can’t do a press up? No problem! We’ll help you get there

How much do lessons cost?

You can find out full pricing information, including family and advanced discounts, for each class on their respective class pages.

Are there any other costs?

In addition to charging for lessons we also charge for an annual license which covers insurance and membership to the British Combat Karate Association. The only other costs are gradings which happen 3 to 4 times per year and cost around £30 (with family discounts available)

Can I become a black belt?

The only difference between a black belt and a white belt, is that the black belt never gave up. With the right attitude, commitment, and dedication to learning, anybody can achieve a black belt (or Dan Grade)

How long does it take to become a black belt?

This is really the wrong question, as we should not judge one another by the journey they take. It takes everybody a different amount of time based on all kinds of factors, but it is not a short journey and you should not expect it to take less than five years of consistent training.

Are you a registered Karate club?

Yes. We are registered with the British Combat Karate Association (BCKA) with are one of only 2 Clubs in the United Kingdom to have 2x Dragon Society International Certified Instructors.

Are you a business? Do the instructors get paid?

No, we are a non-profit organisation. We believe that martial arts clubs should run for the benefit and advancement of its members. Our instructors do not get paid for their service to their Club, Dojo, and Karateka (students), their contributions are made solely out of their commitment to martial arts.

Are Martial Arts safe?

In all aspects of life there are, of course, some risks. We take every reasonable precaution to ensure that nobody gets hurt, however accidents do happen, and this is why we are fully insured and have regularly certified first aid practitioners available at all times during our classes.

Do I have to fight?

Whilst sparring (and Kumite) are integral parts of martial arts, your level of involvement, especially at an early level, with sparring is entirely based on the discretion of your Senseis and your comfort level. We will never force you to do something which you are not competent or comfortable doing.