We have 7 core principles at ToriKai Martial Arts association, which tie into every aspect of our martial arts practice, and we believe these principles, when mastered, culminate in excellent Karateka (students of Karate)

Progression Over Perfection

Every journey begins with the first step. We all strive for perfection, and it is a culmination of every micro-progression that creates this perfection. We must strive only to compete with our past selves.

Ego Achieves Nothing

There is no place for ego in the Dojo, it does not contribute to achievement, neither does it create a safe learning environment. Egos are left at the door, for they are of no use to students of Karate.

We Are All Students

From our first lesson until our very last we never stop learning. Gaining a blackbelt is simply a recognition of time spent studying and mastering the basics of a single martial art. We all have much to learn from everyone around us.

Compassion Over Aggression

There is no honour to be had in giving students with less experience than ourselves a hard time. Every acorn must be nurtured to reach its full potential, stomping it down will only ever prevent it from growing into a mighty oak.

Discipline Enables Achievement

Martial Arts are disciplined activities, it is only by demonstrating discipline in ourselves and for our art that we may achieve all we can with our martial arts. If we are not paying full attention to everything we are doing, we will never progress as much as we could.

Participation Over Dictation

Sensei literally translates to “one who has been before”, an inquisitive mind learns more than an idle one, and instructors (Senseis) and students (Karateka) should seek to actively participate in lessons.

Marriage of Tradition & Adaptation

It is of critical importance that we continue to honour the roots of our martial arts, it is equally important to ensure their survival by adaptation to modern, real world scenarios and the unique strengths and capabilities of every student.