At ToriKai Martial Arts Association we believe that membership to national and international organisations and associations provides the opportunity for our highly skilled Shihan and Senseis to further enhance their study of Martial Arts, learning new skills and techniques which can be passed onto our Karateka (students).

To this end ToriKai Martial Arts Association holds membership to two additional associations, information about which can be found below.

British Combat Karate Association (BCKA)

No martial artist is an island, and neither is any Club or association. Belonging to professional associations, such as British Combat Karate Association, brings a number of benefits for the Association and its Members.

The BCKA was formed in 2011, a spin off from the British Combat Association (BCA) to provide a ‘home’ for those Instructors and Clubs that are still involved in mainstream Karate. The founders of the BCA, Peter Consterdine and Geoff Thompson are at heart Karateka and never lost their appreciation of the great foundation Karate gave them, and on which they built their own unique combat systems.

British Combat Karate Association (

Being registered with the British Combat Karate Association also means we are registered and recognised by the British Combat Association, English Karate Federation, European Karate Federation, and World Karate Federation.

You can learn more about the British Combat Karate Association at

Dragon Society International

Whilst ToriKai Martial Arts Association is primarily focused on Karate, the application of modern, scientific techniques is of key importance to the effectiveness of our martial arts. To that end, we are one of only two clubs in the United Kingdom to boast two Dragon Society International certified instructors.

You can learn more about Dragon Society International at

Dragon Society International provides pressure point, martial science and self defense information to combat arts practitioners, military and law enforcement.

Dragon Society International (