ToriKai Martial Arts Association is a series of Martial Arts Classes in and around the Peterborough area. Specifically we practice traditional Shukokai Karate, freestyle and applied Karate, and elements of mixed martial arts alongside the teachings of Dragon Society International.

Currently we offer classes in Deeping (PE6) and Werrington (PE4) for adults and children, with plans to open a new class exclusively for children in mid 2021.

We offer martial arts training for children aged 5 years and older, and adults of all levels of fitness and ability, and offer discounts for multiple practitioners in the same household, and for monthly subscriptions.

Our History

The Association has been running for over twenty years, initially as ToriKai Martial Arts Association, before becoming Falcon Karate during the 2000s, joining the Karate Jutsu Association, and training as Karate Jutsu Peterborough, and returning full circle to our own association in 2020.

Lead by Shihan Brian Whatford (Karate Jutsu 6th Dan) and Sensei Neil Flowers (Karate Jutsu 5th Dan), the Club has a wealth of Senseis (instructors) capable of catering to all abilities, interests, and fitness levels. From practical self-defence to fitness, traditional martial arts to contemporary techniques, kata (or forms) to kumite, the expertise of our instructors and dedication of our karetka means that we can provide a truly holistic and well rounded approach to martial arts, suitable for the whole spectrum of practitioners.

If you can move your hips, you can do martial arts. There is no ego here, if you can do 1 push up this week, and in 4 weeks you can do 2, then that is a 100% improvement

Shihan Brian Whatford

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